Automotive electronics and embedded systems is one of our primary focus domains. We have got strong expertise in the following areas.

In vehicle Networking

Vehicle networks play an important role in modern vehicles and we have strong expertise on contemporary technologies in this field.

  • CAN
  • LIN
  • MOST
  • Flexray


Vehicle makers extensively use Infotainment systems now a days to enhance the user experience and add value to their offerings. We are well versed in the following areas.

  • Navigation systems
  • Driver assistance
  • Telematics

Vehicle Diagnostics & Testing

Automotive testing and vehicle diagnostics are one of the areas we posses strong expertise and it includes the following.

  • OBD protocol suite
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Simulation solutions
  • Hardware in the loop testing

Standards and Protocol

Automotive embedded systems are governed by various standards and protocol and knowledge of these are essential to the successful development of automotive embedded devices and applications. We are equipped with this knowledge. Our expertise include the following:

  • SAE standards like J1939, J1979 and J2534
  • AUTOSAR framework
  • OSEK
  • AMIC standards